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The highly versatile TB016 excavator is one of Takeuchi’s best selling mini-excavators worldwide. Its been built for utilities and tool hire and is simple to operate, available in both a cab and canopy configurations depending on your requirements.

An ideal machine for landscapers, contractors, utilities, tool and plant hire companies, when fitted with quality DEKK excavator TB016 rubber tracks, performance and operator comfort is significantly improved.

As a guarantee of quality all DEKK excavator tracks are supplied with the industry first 24-month full replacement warranty, which reinforces our commitment to quality.

DEKK Rubber Tracks to fit TAKEUCHI TB016 Excavator

The Takeuchi TB016 rubber tracks have been designed using heavy duty, natural & synthetic Virgin rubber, which provides greater flexibility and wear resistance and minimise punctures and tears. This results in reduced maintenance, machine downtime and extends the performance life of the rubber tracks.

The treads pattern utilised on the Takeuchi tracks improves traction, reducing surface damage and the negative impact on the environment. The tread pattern further reduces machine vibration and noise offering significantly improved operator comfort.

The expandable track frame on the Takeuchi excavator adds track width, giving greater operating stability, while the narrow track width ensures the TB016 can maneuver through narrow access areas.

The TB016 is regarded as a safe, smooth easy to use mini excavator for any level of operator. Hand and foot controls along with a cushioned main boom and swing cylinders provides maximum operator comfort.

Lightweight and compact in size the Takeuchi TB016 excavator is ideal for the operator requiring trailer towing. The excavator provides a powerful and stable ground breakout force making the TB016 the preferred excavator of choice on-site. In addition, the unique hydraulically extendable track system adds greater stability to its working depth of 2,375 mm.

To order your Takeuchi TB016 rubber tracks call 1300 335 528 or email [email protected]

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