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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the required torque for the bolt-on, clip-on, and chain-on rubber pads?

Bolt Size – Metric Bolt Size – Imperial Torque DEKK Pad Size (varies)
M12 1/2 inch 113Nm 200mm
M14 9/16 inch 178Nm 450mm
M16 5/8 inch 275Nm 500mm
M20 3/4 inch 556Nm 600mm

How many hours do tracks usually last?

The life of a rubber track is somewhat related to how well they are cared for. DEKK Rubber Tracks for skidsteers are issued with a 12 month warranty (approx. 1000 hours) and DEKK excavator tracks are issued with a 24 month warranty (2000+ hours).

Are ASV tracks Kevlar or steel belted core?

All DEKK ASV Skidsteer tracks have a Kevlar belted core. The Kevlar core increases durability and limits stretching.

Do you do onsite fitting?

Yes, we can. We utilise a network of contractors Australia wide to fit tracks for our valued clients.

What brand tracks do you sell?

DEKK – All the tracks we sell are a DEKK Track. This ensures we take full responsibility of the product quality, delivery, service and any warranty issues.

Can I buy 1 track, or do you only sell in pairs?

We are happy to sell individually or in pairs. We do recommend replacing tracks in pairs to maintain even wear. Another thing to consider is the potential savings on freight from shipping two now versus shipping separately.

What is the current lead time and availability?

DEKK currently runs out of 3 main distribution centres (Sydney, Brisbane, Perth) which means our availability is good. However if we have nil stock but shipments on the way, the average lead time for shipping is 3-4 weeks. If we have to get it manufactured and shipped the lead time is more like 8-10 weeks, and for custom sized tracks the lead time is 12+ weeks.

What is the difference between aftermarket and OEM?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means the tracks are made by the same company that makes the machine or made for them to their specification. Meanwhile, aftermarket parts are produced by a different parts company and are often designed to be compatible with as many makes and/or models as possible.

What is the warranty period and what does it cover?

DEKK Skidsteer tracks are issued with a 12 months FULL REPLACEMENT Warranty DEKK Excavator tracks are issued with a 24 month FULL REPLACEMENT Warranty DEKK Excavator Pads are issued with a 12 month FULL REPLACEMENT Warranty The Warranty covers any delamination, tears or breaks, drive lug loss or separation & any manufacturing failure or fault with the tracks. DEKK rubber tracks are not warranted against wear and tear, misuse, worn undercarriage components or incorrect track adjustment, damage caused by natural disasters or by non-recommended working conditions including but not limited to demolition, concrete breaking, rock quarries, scrap yards and high cut environments.

How do I know if I am getting the correct product and if it will fit the machine?

Our customer service team will ensure they check the track size for your machine using our extensive machine cross reference. They will then ensure they confirm the track size matches what it currently on the machine. If for some reason an error is made, you will be able to swap the track out hassle free.

Do you deliver? / How long does it take to deliver?

Yes, we deliver. For Metro deliveries we use either our own trucks or a network of couriers. For regional deliveries we use an extensive list of reliable freight carriers. No delivery is considered too hard for us.

Can you price match a competitor quote?

Under our price match/price beat guarantee we will always be willing to try beat a competitor’s quote. Terms and conditions apply and any where the price is ridiculously low, we may have to say no. however, if the competitor has stock available, we will always do our best to beat it.

Do rubber tracks have a left and right or are they both the same?

None of our tracks are directional or need to go on either left or right. They are manufactured to suit multi direction.

Why should I buy DEKK over other brands?

There are many reasons why we consider ourselves the leaders in Rubber Tracks & Pads supply 1. Our team are very passionate about continuous improvement and ensuring high class customer service 2. We back our product quality with a no-nonsense warranty policy, and we stand by it. 3. We focus only on rubber tracks and pads. This makes Rubber Tracks & Pads our prime focus. These are only a few of the key reasons. Partner with us today to experience the DEKK Difference!

What is the better option between rubber & steel tracks?

It really comes down to application and what type of work the machine is doing. Rubber tracks are obviously more diverse as you can work on a wide range of surfaces without damaging the surface condition. Steel tracks will cause damage to asphalt and concrete etc, however they will hold up better in aggressive ground conditions.

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