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Start off 2018 by taking the time to check and maintain your rubber tracks, so that they’re ready to go for another year.


Before operating your machine, whether its an excavator, skid steer or crawler carrier, follow these eight easy steps in our Rubber Tracks Maintenance Guide.


1. Ensure that the Rubber Tracks have been installed correctly.

2. Always maintain the correct tension on your Rubber Tracks. You can check the correct tension required by reviewing the user manual of your equipment.

3. Perform daily checks to the undercarriage components of your earth-moving and construction equipment such as sprockets, rollers and idlers for excessive wear or damage, and any foreign objects that may have become lodged, which will affect the rubber tracks performance and durability.

4. Try to limit operating your machine on abrasive, rocky and sharp surfaces to reduce wear and damage to the rubber track.

5. Operate your machine correctly and safely, avoiding sharp turns and side slope turns.

6. Don’t operate the machine with the rubber track sidewall edges pressed against objects such as walls, curbs and rocks.

7. Remove any oil, salt, fuel or similar types of substances from your rubber tracks, as this will cause track degradation over time.

8. When not in use, store your machine under cover or indoors away from direct sunlight, rain and hail to minimise wear and tear to the equipment, its undercarriage and the rubber track.

Now that you’ve completed your 8 step Rubber Track Maintenance Guide, if you’ve discovered that your rubber tracks do need replacing or if you’re unsure, give our team at DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads a call on 1300 335 528 or send an email to [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry.

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