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DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads supplies a wide range of quality Clip-on, Bolt-on and Chain-on pads designed to improve performance of your machine.

DEKK’s extensive knowledge and expertise in all things rubber tracks and pads, has positioned it as the perfect company to assist in resolving your rubber track and pad issues in any application and conditions.

After being approached by a long-term customer experiencing ongoing damage to their chain-on rubber pads, DEKK was able to identify a suitable solution.

The cause of the pad damage was a result of the excavator continuously driving on and off the rail tracks during maintenance work, which was damaging the outer edges of the chain-on pads when moving across the rail tracks. This was resulting in costly and timely breakdowns to repair and replace the pads.

Rail Machine - Chain-on PadsStandard Chain-on rubber pads fitted.
Offset Chain-on pads

Offset Chain-on rubber pads fitted.


Standard chain-on pads are designed to fit onto the track chain with 4 bolt holes centrally positioned to secure the pads to the chain. When the machine moves on and off the rail track edge it causes irreparable damage to the edges of the pads.

DEKK underwent a rigorous process to design and manufacture a unique and customised rubber pad solution, producing a purpose-built Offset Chain-on pad for use in rail applications.

The unique design aspect of the Offset Chain-on pad is the positioning of the pad bolt holes to be off centre. This allows the machine to fit within the rail tracks rather than having the entire weight of the machine positioned on just the outside edge of the rail, which is the cause of the excessive damage and premature wear to the pads.​ See images below.

Offset Rail Chain on Pads
New Offset Chain-on pads fitted to the machine.

DEKK Chain-on Offset rubber pads
Offset Chain-on pads Versus Standard Chain-on pads.

The solution is a game changer for rail applications and our customer, with the innovative Offset Chain-on rubber pad design, reducing maintenance costs & time and minimising pad damage.

If this rail solution is what you’re after or if you’ve got a different type of track or pad issue, email [email protected] or call 1300 335 528 to discuss further with one of our experienced team members.

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