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The life of a rubber track is dependent on several important factors, which all go towards contributing to the length of time it will last. Some of these factors include:

The manufacturing process and rubber quality is why a DEKK Rubber Track is far more superior than most competitor rubber tracks being supplied in Australia.

A Dekk Rubber Track has undergone strict manufacturing, design and testing processes before being approved for sale and consequently we’re confident in the quality and ability of our Rubber Tracks and Pads to meet the demands of the Australian earthmoving and construction industry and can offer an industry first and only 24-month Full Replacement Warranty on all our Excavator Rubber Tracks and a standard 12-month Replacement Warranty on all other DEKK Rubber Tracks.

With supporting evidence from customers and our own testing to back it up we’re quietly confident that a DEKK Rubber Track has lasted up to 4 years under general operating conditions, well in advance of the 1 to 2 years.

A DEKK Rubber Track has 4 core attributes which go into making it a superior Rubber Track and extending its life expectancy from an industry expectation of anywhere from 1 to 2 years depending on the key factors mentioned earlier to up to 4 years in some cases with a DEKK Rubber Track. These 4 core attributes are:

  1. Utilise a continuously wound, high tensile steel cable design to help prevent corrosion, provide greater strength and flexibility and eliminate cable joins, which are a weak point in the design and found in most other competitor tracks.Continuously Wound Steel Cables Rubber TracksRubber Tracks Steel Cable
  2. Steel core bars are fitted for maximum strength and reduced risk of de-tracking.
    Steel Core Rubber TracksRubber Tracks Steel Core Bars
  3. Tread patterns designed for improved traction to minimise surface damage and wear and tear on the track.
  4. Manufactured using heavy duty rubber compound for greater flexibility and wear resistance minimising the risk of punctures and overall ensuring that the Rubber Track can handle any surface with maximum performance.

So, the next time you’re choosing your next Rubber Track, take these factors into consideration to ensure you choose the right track for your equipment.

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