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Powered by a 74.3HP Kubota engine, boasting exceptional 2814kg bucket breakout force, outstanding lifting capacity at 2214kg and fitted with Kubota SVL75-2 skidsteer tracks takes the machines high performance and productivity to a new level.

The machines performance can be further improved when fitted with DEKK skid steer tracks. The DEKK tracks help to prevent soil accumulation and increase tractor force, during long hours of operation.

A triple flange track roller design improves machine stability and coupled with DEKK’s track design which incorporate precision fitted steel core bars, minimising the risk of de-tracking.

The block tread pattern design of our rubber tracks help to prevent soil from accumulating during operation, allowing for better handling, improved traction and reduced noise and fuel consumption for machine operators.

In addition, the Kubota SVL75 Skidsteer Tracks are designed with continuously wound high tensile steel cables to prevent corrosion, add greater strength and durability and eliminate weak points caused by joints found in spiral wound cable tracks.

Some technical information regarding the Kubota Skidsteer tracks include:

DEKK Skidsteer Rubber Tracks

To view the Kubota SVL75 tracks available from DEKK click here.

DEKK has branches located in Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland and a distributor network in Victoria to ensure we can supply your tracks when you need them.

If you find a cheaper price for the same track from a competitor, we’ll beat it by 5%.

To place an order for your Kubota SVL75 tracks call 1300 335 528 or email [email protected].


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