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Watch our latest video on how to fit Clip on rubber pads to your excavator machine safely and correctly.

Hot to fit clip on rubber pads

Clip-on pads are designed to easily fit to your existing grouser plate on your excavator, requiring easy to install clips to either end of the pad and grouser, for secure installation.

Clip-on pads help alleviate surface damage caused by steel tracks and
improve overall machine performance.


You can also read our easy to follow 6 step guide to correctly install your clip-on rubber pads below:

Step 1 – If the Clip-on pads are being installed onto new machines skip to Step 2 . If they are being fitted to secondhand/used machines, ensure all dirt and other debris have been removed from the grouser blades, before fitting the new pads.

Step 2 – Hook the attached L-shaped bracket onto the inner end of the crawler shoe and then close the opposite end with another L-shaped bracket and screw in the bolts.

Step 3 – Position the rubber pad onto the grouser plate, fitting the L shaped bracket into position.

Step 4 – Use an impact wrench to fasten the bolts and nuts. Tighten further with an offset wrench.

Step 5 – Once all the rubber pads have been installed, move the machine forward slowly to check they have been fitted securely and adjust if necessary.

For more information on how to fit clip on rubber pads or for further assistance email [email protected] or call 1300 335 528.

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