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How Are Rubber Tracks Made?

At DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads we go the extra mile to ensure we supply only the best quality and designed rubber tracks for your machine whether its an excavator, skid steer or crawler carrier.


The Manufacturing Process for Rubber Tracks

It takes approximately 48 hours to manufacture each separate component that goes into a rubber track, but it only takes a few hours to assemble the rubber track for use on your machine.

A number of steps are involved in the manufacturing process from design and development, product testing, manufacturing, more testing, assembly and finally product release.


The components that go into assembling a rubber track:

The continuously wound steel cables help to provide added strength and durability to the track. This results in no joins or weak points in the rubber track, ensuring a longer operating life and improved performance.

The precision fitted steel core bars, which are fitted to the track further help to  add strength, extending the life of the track and minimising de-tracking.

The tread pattern is what affects the performance and application of the track. There are numerous tread patterns including Multi-Bar, Block and Off-Set styles each designed for different applications. Speak to one of our customer support team members to discuss the right tread pattern for your job.

Finally all of these components are assembled and molded into the rubber compound to create the rubber track that’s used on your machine. The rubber compound is of superior quality, assisting in the durability and flexibility of the rubber track.

DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads have complete confidence in the quality and durability of the rubber tracks we supply, so much so that we not only offer a 12 month Full Replacement Warranty for them, but include a 24 Month Full Replacement Warranty for all of our Excavator Rubber Tracks.

For more information on our Rubber Tracks, please call us on 1300 335 528, email [email protected] or drop into one of our branches for  a  one-on-one discussion.



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