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How to install your new Clip-On rubber pads

Clip-On Rubber Pads can be used on grouser blades (also known as Steel Shoes, Crawler Shoes and Track Shoes) that have or haven’t been pre-drilled. This allows you to continue using your steel tracks on more easily damaged surfaces. This style of pad also makes the rubber less likely to become delaminated from the steel.

Clip-On rubber pads are arguably the easiest and most simple type of rubber pad to install and is often just a one man job. They incorporate bolt tightening clips for fixing over the ends of the grouser plates and don’t take long to install.

Step 1.

If the Clip-on Rubber Pads are being installed onto new machines skip to Step 2. If being fitted to used machines, ensure all mud and other debris have been removed from the surface of the grouser blades before fitting the new pads.

Step 2.

Hook the attached L-shaped bracket onto the inner end of the crawler shoe and then close the opposite end with another L-shaped bracket and screw in bolts.

Step 3.

Position the Rubber Pad onto the grouser plate, fitting the L shaped bracket into position to secure the rubber pad.

Step 4.

Use an impact wrench to fasten the bolts and nuts. Tighten further with an offset wrench.

Step 5.

Once all the rubber pads have been installed, move the machine forward slowly to check they have been fitted securely and adjust if necessary.

Clip On Rubber Pads Installation

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