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DEKK Bolt-On Rubber Pads have been designed and manufactured to be easily fitted to existing steel tracks on excavators, profilers and drill machines to help alleviate surface damage caused by the steel tracks.

The core features of the Bolt-On Rubber Pad are:

Bolt-On Design: Enables the rubber pad to be bolted directly onto existing steel grouser plates on your machine for quick and easy installation.

Heavy Duty Rubber Compound: Provides greater strength and wear resistance in all types of applications and conditions, reducing vibration and noise.

Pressure Relief Holes: The unique design incorporating 2 pressure relief holes, allows sand and other material to pass easily through the pads during operation to eliminate pressure build up, which can cause pad damage and dislodgement of the pads from the machine.

Solid Steel Core: A heavy duty 4mm steel core provides greater strength, minimal pad flex and delamination.

Tread pattern: The Bolt-on pad tread pattern helps to improve traction, reducing surface damage.

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