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Should I replace both rubber tracks at the same time?

Or is it ok to just replace one rubber tracks?

It is regarded as best practice to replace both rubber tracks at the same time on any excavator, skid steer loader or dumper machine. However we know that it is common practice to only replace one track at a time and that any negative effects are manageable.

The good old analogy is that “You wouldn’t replace a car tyre when the opposite one is bald, so why would you do that with Rubber Tracks?”
Well, probably for the same reason you WOULD only change one car tyre – because you have to.

If you were stuck in the middle of nowhere and needed to get back on the road, you would happily only change one tyre. If you could only afford to replace a single tyre, then you would only replace a single tyre.

So even though it’s not recommended to only replace one track, we understand that circumstances don’t always allow for it.

Replacing both tracks is more important on a skid steer loader, as with ensuring you have the same tread pattern on both tracks. Skid Steers put a lot more pressure on rubber tracks as they spend a large portion of their working life in motion,
unlike excavators which work while stationary. An odd set of tracks on a skid steer loader
will make fine finishing difficult becuase the machine may not be sitting level.

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