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To ensure your rubber tracks will continue to perform at their optimum levels for your excavator, skid steer or crawler carrier machine, you should always adhere to the following five steps.

1.       Verify the tension of your rubber track on a daily basis or every second day. Check the tension as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is done by checking the sag between the bottom track roller and the top of the track lug.

2.       Avoid pivots, spins and sudden movement during operation. Ensure added care is taken to avoid curbs, walls, irregular surfaces and steep horizontal slopes.

3.       Remove any oil or fuel from the track surface immediately.

4.       Keep the undercarriage clear of debris and ensure it is cleaned daily.

5.       When your machine is not in use, store the tracks in a cool place away from direct sunlight and rain.

The steps above will help to maintain your rubber tracks and extend the operating life and improve performance.

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