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DEKK supplies excavator rubber tracks for the Kubota U17-3 excavator, the perfect machine to operate when tackling jobs involving tight and confined spaces.

Powered by Kubota 17HP engine, renowned worldwide for their outstanding reliability, the U17-3 excavator delivers superior maneuverability and maximum digging performance. Coupled with a set of DEKK excavator rubber tracks, it delivers the power and control you will need to provide the smoothest performance for the operator.

Like many higher-end excavators, the U17-3 features double-flanged track rollers and short-pitched rubber crawlers for improved undercarriage durability. The double-flanged track rollers help improve stability and performance when operational, and the short-pitched rubber crawlers minimise vibrations, improving the operators comfort levels. With the U17-3 excavator, a day on the job always goes smoothly.

The U17-3 features a hydraulic track gauge that can be adjusted to between 990 mm and 1240 mm. With the touch of a single lever, you can reduce the track gauge to navigate the machine through narrow spaces or increase it to improve functionality.

DEKK supplies quality tracks for the U17-3, which come inclusive of a 24-month full replacement warranty and a guarantee to fit your machine or your money back, reinforcing our commitment to quality and superior performance.

To further improve your track and machine performance, it’s critical that the tracks are regularly monitored, and the following key steps closely followed:

1.       Maintaining good machine operating techniques avoiding spinning, turning in one spot, operating on uneven and sloping surfaces and the tracks making contact with the curb.

2.       Avoid operating the machine on abrasive and corrosive surfaces such as jaded steel and rocks, extreme heat, fuel, oil and salt is will reduce the occurrence of premature track wear.

3.       Ensuring the tracks are set to the correct tension, to avoid coming loose.

4.        Ongoing and regular maintenance of the tracks and undercarriage and replacing any worn or damaged parts to ensure peak performance.

For further information on our U17-3 excavator tracks you can call us on 1300 335 528 or email [email protected].

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