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DEKK supply Kubota KX161-3 excavator rubber tracks and rubber pads, which are guaranteed to fit your machine or your money back.

DEKK tracks and pads ensure you have a smoother ride when operating the machine, as a result of reduced vibration and noise. In addition, the rubber track tread pattern design also helps to reduce surface damage and improve traction when operating on a range of surfaces.

The core of the excavator rubber track has been designed with a fully molded precision fitted steel core bar, adding strength and durability to the track and reducing the risk of detracking. The increased wear resistance capabilities found in the rubber compound greatly reduces punctures and tears, minimising machine downtime and maximising performance.

DEKK Bolt-On rubber pads can be fitted directly onto grouser blades that have or haven’t been pre-drilled on the Kubota KX161-3 excavator. The bolt-on pads allow you to still use your steel tracks when required and then changeover to the rubber pads when you’re operating your machine on surfaces that require only minimal surface damage to occur.

Kubota KX161-3 excavator rubber tracks are supplied with the industry first 24-month full replacement warranty and the KX161-3 rubber pads include a 12-month full replacement warranty. Our warranties are a further testament to the quality and performance capabilities of our tracks and pads.

View Kubota KX161-3 excavator rubber tracks, part number RT4433 and size 400×72.5×74.

View the Kubota KX161-3 excavator rubber pads: MG400G Bolt-on rubber pad & Clip-on rubber pad, size (400 wide).

The Kubota excavator boasts a powerful 47-hp diesel engine, a load sensing hydraulic system, simultaneous 4-function operation, strong bucket force and smooth boom operation.

The Kubota KX161-3 makes short work of even the toughest digging and dozing jobs and coupled with DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads, will improve overall machine performance.

To place an order for your excavator rubber tracks and rubber pads call 1300 335 528 or email [email protected].



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