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Check out the latest video showcasing a set of DEKK Rubber Tracks fitted to a Crawler Carrier Machine.

Some of the key features of the DEKK Crawler Rubber Tracks include:

Heavy Duty Rubber Compound providing greater flexibility and wear resistance and minimise punctures and tears. This results in reduced maintenance and downtime extending the operating life of the track.

Our Crawler rubber tracks are designed to suit leading OEM machine brands including Morooka, CAT, Yanmar and Komatsu.

The tracks provide reduced vibration, resulting in improved operator comfort and reduced noise.

The rubber track is manufactured using a continuously wound, high tensile steel cable to prevent corrosion and providing greater strength and durability. It also helps to eliminate week points caused by joints found in spiral wound cables.

Precision steel core bars have been fitted for maximum strength and reduced risk of detracking.

The rubber track tread pattern also helps to improve traction, reducing surface damage and negative impact on the environment.

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