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Chain-On Rubber Pads can be fitted directly onto the steel track chain using track bolts rather than a grouser plate, allowing for quick and easy installation of your rubber pads to your machine.

The Chain-On rubber pads are manufactured using a heavy-duty rubber compound for greater strength, increased wear resistance and reduced vibration and noise. Chain-on rubber pads are ideal for machines operating on sealed surfaces and to prevent rail damage when performing rail works.

Chain-On rubber pads are easy to install and can be performed in a simple 5 step process.

Step 1.

If the Chain-on Rubber Pads are being installed onto new machines skip to Step 2. If being fitted to used machines, ensure all mud and other debris have been removed from the surface of the grouser blades before fitting the new pads.

Step 2.

Position the pad holes in-line with the holes on the chain mounts and fasten the bolts onto the chain mount nuts.

Step 3.

Use an impact wrench to fasten the bolts. Tighten further with an offset wrench.

Step 4.

It is recommended you install the rubber pads onto every chain link rather than every second to evenly distribute the weight of the machine.

Step 5.

Once all the rubber pads have been installed, move the machine forward slowly to check they have been fitted securely and adjust if necessary.

Chain On rubber pads installation

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